Gasworks Arts Park

Gasworks Arts Park

Gasworks Arts Park is the new Melbourne home of Moore Art School and our Art Classes

Gasworks Arts Park

Gasworks Arts Park Art Classes

Gasworks Arts Park is a vibrant arts precinct producing a range of high-quality arts programs, workshops and activities for every age, ability, interest and audience. Situated in Albert Park, Melbourne, on the site of the former South Melbourne Gas Plant, Gasworks is just three kilometres from the CBD and the precinct houses four hectares of park, two theatres, three gallery spaces, a café, as well as function and workshop spaces.

Moore Art School Now At Gasworks Arts Park

We are excited that as of April we will be holding regular Art Classes in the Arts and Crafts room at Gasworks Arts Park.

At Moore Art School our art classes are designed for those just starting out on their journey in art. So even if you have never painted before, and don't think you can draw stickmen, then our classes will help you get started. At Moore Art School we teach you the Moore Method of Painting which is a simple step-by-step process to help you understand how you can start and finish a painting you will be proud of.

Join us at one of our art classes and learn to paint with us in Albert Park.

This will allow us to run slightly larger classes of 10 to 15 people.

Please check back with our website soon for details of coming classes to be held at our new Melbourne home.

Gasworks Arts Park

See you at an Art Class at Gasworks Arts Park soon

Congratulations To 8 New Students

Art Classes - Art Class

Congratulations to the newest students to come to a Moore Art School art class. Leanne, Allan, Natalie, David, James, Jo, Sharon & Michelle joined us for the 'Summers Finally Here' art class in Geelong. None of them had ever painted before … so this is the first painting they had done. They all did a great job, especially given the 39 degree day.

My First Painting

I was looking through some old files on my computer and came across this.

It was the first painting I ever did (as an adult anyway) from around late 2006.

I had been getting interested in painting … I guess I was looking for a creative outlet and perhaps a bit bored at work etc. So I went to the $2 shop and purchased some paints, brushes, and canvases. To be honest I had no idea what I was doing and probably purchased paints because I liked the name.

Armed with enthusiasm I went home and that weekend proceeded to paint this and a few others.

It didn't take long for me to conclude that I had no artists ability so I did what any normal sane adult would do … I packed the paints, brushes and canvases away in the cupboard and gave up.

Then around about July 2007 I walked into a Tate Britain Gallery in London and fell in love with Turners watercolours.

I knew in that moment that art was to play a large part in my future … but I still felt that I had no real talent for it.

Luckily for me I came across Bob Ross & Bill Alexander on You Tube. They were teaching a particular approach to painting which gave me hope that I could learn the steps to creating a great painting. This approach is what we now teach in our Moore Art School Art Classes with some modifications. I was excited by this approach I went and became the first and only Australian to be certified as an instructor with Alexander Art.

What I have since learnt is that when you are taught the basic fundamentals, and a step-by-step approach … practically anyone can become a good artist.

The key is to study with the right teacher that has such a learning system.

In the past I went to art classes and workshops but did not learn much. Mostly because the classes were not structured and there was no learning system at all. So I did not really progress much. When I created Moore Art School I wanted to make sure we developed a learning system that meant when you come to one of our classes you will walk away having learnt key steps to progress you forward as an artist … and you will complete a painting you will be proud of.

Learning to paint is a journey that will take you a lifetime … the key is to not assume at any point that you have no talent to be an artist and give up.

Instead you want to think that you can learn the fundamentals and follow the step-by-step process we will teach you and with a bit of practice make great improvements in your painting.

Today I am happy with were my painting is and I know I will improve greatly in future.

You can as well … when you make the decision to come and join us.

Art Class Geelong

Australian Farmhouse (5 Places Left For This Class)Art Class Geelong

Learn to paint this great Australian farm house scene. You will learn the keys to a good composition in landscapes, how to create distance in a painting and how to mix the right colours for harmony in the painting.

Great class for beginners and intermediate. Class size is limited to 8 people

Location: Geelong
Date: Saturday 24th March
Time: 10am – 4pm
Cost: $75 (All materials supplied for the class)

Bookings are required for this class.

Art Class Melbourne

Tuscany Villa (Hurry … Only 4 Places Left)Art Class Melbourne

For lovers of all things Italian come and learn how to paint this Tuscany Villa scene. Discover how simple it can be to paint rolling hills filled with poplar trees, gravel driveway, the villa and rose filled gardens.

Great class for beginners and intermediate. Class size is limited to 8 people

Location: Melbourne (Moorabbin – Art Shed)
Date: Saturday 17th March
Time: 10am – 4pm
Cost: $75 (All materials supplied for the class)


Bookings for this class are required as we have a limited number of places for the class.

Can You Really Learn To Paint?

Lots of people would love to be able to paint … the problem is they talk themselves out of learning.

Over the last few years I have had lots of people tell me they don't have the talent to be an artist even though they would love to paint. They then go on to explain how the best they can do is stick men drawings. Sound familiar?

I know what this is like … when I first got interested in painting I went to the $2 shop and purchased some paints, brushes and canvases. Armed with enthusiasm I started to paint my first master peice … boy was I in for a shock.

After attempting to paint two or three paintings I did what any reasonable person would do … I came to the conclusion I must not have any talent and so I quit!

What I failed to realise is that learning to paint is less about talent and more about learning some simple basic steps to get you started. Simple steps that anyone can learn and with a bit of practice really master.

I started Moore Art School because I wanted to share the absolute joy of learning to paint with as many people as possible. Ove the last few years as my own painting improved I have developed a simple method of painting … and more importantly a simple method of teaching. I call it the "Moore Method of Painting" and it is the reason I am so confident that you can learn to paint when you come along to one of our art classes.

Using the simple method we teach at Moore Art School practically anyone can learn to paint just like these beginners in the photo.

In fact we are so confident you can learn to paint and that you will do a painting you are proud of we guarantee it. That's right … if you are not happy with the painting you have done we will refund your money.

If you have been thinking about taking an art class then one of the hardest steps often is the first one. Just saying yes and booking into a class can be daunting for some. What you will find is our art classes are fun friendly environments that offer you lots of support and encouragement.

I look forward to meeting you at an art class soon. Click here to book an art class

Happy Painting!

Rod Moore

Moore Art School