Episode 3 – The Artists Journey “Lesson From A Master”

Welcome to the third episode of the podcast The Artists Journey.

In this third episode of The Artists Journey I talk about a recent lesson I received from a master painter Robert Hagan. We all need mentors and teachers who are right for us at our current level of development as an artist. I have been learning everything I can from Robert … but this one lesson really struck me. I discuss this in our podcast this week.


Download Episode 3 Here (Right Mouse click and save to your computer)

Here are the seagull photos I took. You are free to use these if you want to take up the challenge.

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Art Classes Art Shed Moorabbin

Moore Art School is excited to announce we are about to commence running art classes at Art Shed Moorabbin starting in October.

Art Shed Moorabbin and Art Shed Online have been a great supporter of Moore Art School over the last year. We are now about to start running monthly one day workshops at Art Shed Moorabbin. The art classes will be for beginners and those who have never picked up a brush before.

For full details go to the calendar of events here:

Calendar of Art Classes

Here are the coming painting projects for October and November:


It does not matter if you have never painted before or don’t think you have any artistic talent.

At Moore Art School we believe everyone can learn to paint following our unique Moore Method of learning to paint … in fact we are so confident that you will create a painting you love that we guarantee it.

Bookings are essential as spaces are limited. To book into one of the coming classes visit the Calendar of Art Classes

We will see you in an art class at Art Shed Moorabbin soon.

The Joy Of Painting

The Joy Of Painting was a TV show hosted by Bob Ross. In The Joy Of Painting Bob Ross would complete a painting using the wet on wet oil painting technique.

Here are some videos of The Joy Of Painting by Bob Ross:

Moore Art School is founded on the wet on wet oil painting technique taught by Bob Ross in The Joy Of Painting.

If you want to learn more about painting in the wet

Free Painting Videos

Here is some more information on Bob Ross from his website:

Bob Ross, Television’s Favorite Artist

You’ve seen him before. He’s the soft spoken guy painting happy clouds, mountains and trees in about twenty-six television minutes, using big housepainting-type brushes and cooing soothing “you can do its” to the audience. His Joy of Painting program is the most recognized, most watched TV art show in history.

The artist – Bob Ross – a virtual cult-like figure among varying age groups all around the world, is about more than just painting, however. Millions of viewers agree that his quiet, nurturing disposition is a form of therapy for the weary, and his respect for nature and wildlife (popular guests include lovable baby squirrels and birds) has helped environmental awareness.

A native of Orlando, Florida, Bob Ross began painting at the age of 18 when he joined the Air Force and was stationed in Alaska. He took various art courses at universities and colleges, and after seeing Bill Alexander on television, he developed and personalized his very own quick and unique Bob Ross Wet-on-Wet Technique ®.

In 1981, Bob began touring the U.S. to teach his painting style, when one of his students was profoundly struck by his charisma in the classroom. “I saw and felt magic happening,” Annette Kowalski explains, “and asked myself, was there a way to share this joy with everyone?” A business partnership was formed – the Bob Ross Company – an active, thriving behind-the-scenes organization that today celebrates over 25 years of operation.

The first of his low-budget, unrehearsed and unedited “Joy of Painting” programs aired in 1982; twenty-five years and 403 shows later, “The Joy of Painting” is still the most popular, most watched art show, if not “how-to” program, on television.

“The Joy of Painting” is carried by nearly 450 public television stations throughout the United States, accessing more than 93.5 million households, and is broadcast in foreign countries as well; Japan, Mexico, The Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Turkey, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Costa Rica and Canada, with inquiries emerging from other countries too.

The response is overwhelming; literally hundreds of letters and email messages pour in each week from viewers of all ages, from around the globe. The rehabilitating powers of the Bob Ross method of painting have been put to use in many programs for youth, senior citizens, handicapped persons, and the like throughout the country. Bob is proud of the fact that while art has traditionally been accessible to only a select few, his technique is for everyone.

The paints, brushes and other equipment for this technique was devised by Bob Ross, and there is a wide range of instructional materials, including books (over 5 million in print), packets, videos, an art club and interactive web site. A new Ross-style flower painting technique was launched based on giant public demand, followed by a wildlife technique in keeping with the Ross “easy-does-it” approach. Almost 3,000 traveling certified instructors teach daily local Bob Ross painting classes in the United States and in other countries.

People Magazine, USA Today, The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, The Far Side, TV Guide, The Wall Street Journal and many other publications have printed stories about Bob Ross. He’s been the guest on the Joan Rivers Show, the Phil Donahue Show, Regis and Kathy Lee, CBS This Morning, The Today Show and others.

But there may be more to “The Joy of Painting’s” enormous popularity than meets the eye. Many of Bob’s most faithful viewers are not painters at all. They are relaxing and unwinding with Bob’s gentle manner and encouraging words, captivated by the magic that takes place on canvas.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Just what is the Bob Ross Wet-on-Wet Technique ® ? “Wet on wet” refers to the method of applying wet paint on top of wet paint, omitting the traditional wait for each layer to dry. Using special firm oil paints and starting with a wet-based canvas, paints are glided across the canvas with a large brush or palette knife – making clouds, mountains and trees appear in seconds.

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Draw People Step By Step

When Sue and I went to Europe recently we spent a bit of time in Montmarte in Paris.

What I loved was watching the artists there complete amazing looking portraits of people on the spot in around 15 minutes. It obviously requires years of experience and great observational skills, and a mastery of drawing, to achieve such good likenesses.

Well … needless to say I was inspired and decided when I got back home to learn more about how to draw portraits.

So I started to look for a course on how to draw people step by step. I looked at a few which were okay … but then I came across a course by a fellow Aussie. The course is called “Draw People Step By Step Home Study” … well I was impressed with it and wrote up this review for you.

Draw People Step By Step Home Study Review

Whenever I look at purchasing a course, no matter what it is, the first thing that I want to determine is how qualified is the created of the course? Or in other words why should I listen to them?

When I discovered that “Draw People Step By Step” was created by Taylor Roy, my interest was immediately raised. I have big fan of his work for several years now and have even purchased his “Figure Drawing Course” that comes as a bonus with this course.

Let me tell you the “Figure Drawing Course” was absolutely amazing, and I would easily pay $47 for that alone.

Taylor Roy has this ability to take a difficult technique and demonstrate it in a way that makes it easy to understand and replicate. The importance of this skill cannot be over rated, especially when you are trying to learn.

Draw People Step By Step Home Study Review – What Exactly Is This Course?

If you have ever tried to learn from a book you will understand how difficult it can be to try and piece the steps together.

For this reason Taylor Roy has put a lot of effort into creating what I call the “Ultimate Portrait Drawing Package”. It consists of 6 step by step videos and corresponding manuals in PDF format.

Each video has been edited so that you see exactly what Taylor Roy is drawing, and you can watch as the drawing progress and he talks about what he is doing.

The first five lessons focus on the individual facial features so you can master drawing each feature individually before trying to bring them together. I personally found this approach very beneficial, as it gave me a chance to practise each feature without risking messing up my entire drawing.

The biggest things I got from these first five lessons was how to properly shade the eye, and create the height with my noses.

The sixth lesson shows clearly how to bring the features together in one complete drawing. In my opinion this is probably the most important lesson, as it is this lesson that helps your drawing move from a collection of parts to a complete masterpiece.

The final lesson looks at understanding the facial changes that happen as someone’s emotions change. Again this lesson is superb.

So I guess the big question is, is it worth the money?

I would have to say without a doubt yes. Like I mentioned earlier I would have happily paid $47 just for the “Figure Drawing Course” that came as a bonus. But that is just me.

So instead what I will do now is outline the pros and cons so that you can make up your own mind.

Draw People Step By Step Home Study Review – The Pros and Cons

The Pros:

When it comes to learning to draw nothing beats watching someone how it is done. This is the only course I have come across where you can watch a professional artist demonstrates how to draw people.

The course is so packed with information that regardless of your skill level you will learn a lot from this course.

There is literally over 3 hours worth of step by step video that explains everything from the proper way to shade the lips to how to easily layout an ear.

There are 6 step by step manuals (over 210 pages in length) that walk you through the entire drawing process for those who want a manual as well.

Like I mentioned earlier the bonuses are fantastic and well worth the $47 dollars alone.

It is backed up by a full 60 day money back guarantee.

Draw People Step By Step Home Study Course is designed for anyone who is serious about their art and wants to take their drawing to the next level.

In my opinion it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced artist. This course is definitely the fastest way to improve your skill and start creating drawings you can be proud of.

Unlike other drawing books that require tones of drawing material to get started, you can pick up all you require from you local art or stationary stores for a couple of dollars.

Finally it is worth mentioning that this course is backed by a full 60 day money back guarantee, so if for any reason you don’t like it you can simply get your money back. Oh, and you get to keep the entire course, you couldn’t really ask for a better deal than that.

The Cons:

The only con’s I can think of is the size of the download. Obviously because these are videos and not just PDF that you are downloading it can take awhile, but having said that it is worth the wait.

Also they send you an email with the link to the download page in case your computer freezes or you lose the page mid download.

Secondly it is only available via online download and not available in stores. This is a bit of a shame, but once again I do understand.


Overall, there is no doubt that the “Draw People Step By Step” Home Study Course is widely regarded as the best portrait drawing course available anywhere on the internet.

Having looked at it myself I would have to agree with the consensus and state that it is my favourite product.

I strongly believe that you will never get such great learning material at such a low price again.

So if you are serious about your art you need to get this course.

It may take a bit of practice to get as good as the Montmarte artists but this course will sure help you.

Learn How To Draw People By Clicking Here

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Episode 2 – The Artists Journey “Wet On Wet Oil Painting”

Welcome to the second episode of the podcast The Artists Journey.

In this second episode of The Artists Journey I talk about the wet on wet oil painting method made popular by Bill Alexander and Bob Ross. I will discuss both the pros and cons of the method and explain how the Moore Method of Painting adapts the wet on wet oil painting method to make it more flexible for beginners.


Download Episode 2 Here (Right Mouse click and save to your computer)



Oil on Canvas – 16″ x 20″ Framed

By Rod Moore

This is a recent painting I completed partially using the Wet on Wet oil painting method.

This painting is for sale so contact me if you are interested.

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Wet On Wet Oil Painting – Tropical Hideaway

Here is a new video demonstrating the wet on wet oil painting technique.

Many of you will be familiar with the wet on wet oil painting technique as taught by Bob Ross and Bill Alexander. Moore Art School was founded on the wet on wet oil painting technique and Rod Moore is Australia’s only Alexander Certified Instructor teaching classes in this technique.

At Moore Art School we have taken the wet on wet painting approach and modified it creating what we call the Moore Method of Painting.

Enjoy this painting demonstration of Tropical Hideaway in the wet on wet painting method:

Click Here To Watch Part 2

Click Here To Watch Part 3

Here is the finished painting:

This painting is currently being taught at some of our 1 day workshops … check the Calendar of Events

Leave your questions, comments and feedback below.

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Sneak Peek At “Painting Landscapes – Level I” Online Art Class


For those of you joining us on Monday for the “Painting Landscapes – Level I” 6 week online art class here is a sneak peek at one of the exercises we will be doing. This little alpine mountains scene teaches you how to create aerial perspective along with composition elements like the s shape composition. This is just one of the exercises we will be doing.

This class is sold out. It will be repeated in November if you missed out.

To find out what art classes we have coming up go to the Calendar of Art Classes

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Episode 1 – The Artists Journey

Welcome to the first ever episode of the podcast The Artists Journey.

This will be a weekly podcast for artists and it is designed to help them on their journey pursuing their art. It doesn’t matter if you paint as a hobby, for fun or as a career the weekly podcast will be full of inspiration, ideas and helpful hints to help you on your way.

In this very first episode I talk about the plans we have for Moore Art School and also share my personal journey to becoming an artist.


Download Episode 1 Here (Right Mouse click and save to your computer)

“Fishing Buddies”

Oil on Canvas – 16″ x 20″ Framed

By Rod Moore

In the first ever episode of The Artist Insight I talk about the painting on my wall titled “Fishing Buddies”. This is the painting and I think it is one of the best I have done so far. I have been working with my mentor / instructor and seen a great improvement in my painting.

This painting is for sale so contact me if you are interested.

Announcement – New Art Classes

 Hi … I hope your painting is going great.

I wanted to keep you all up to date with what is happening with our Art Classes and Workshops. Many of you will know that for most of this year we had been running classes in Geelong and Albert Park prior to going overseas in July. Now that we are back from our trip we have been looking at what to do with art classes for the future.

The problem we have come up against is that the studio we were using in Geelong has closed down and we are unable to find a suitable venue. The studio in Albert Park has been to costly to be able to run the classes effectively without putting our prices up.

This is combined with the fact that the vast majority of people who are on our database are outside of Victoria. In fact you are spread out all over Australia and increasingly around the world … so even if we do find another venue & schedule more classes the fact is 90% of you reading this won't be able to come along anyway.

So we have made an important decision … one which we are very excited about and I am sure you will be to. We have decided to start running online art classes with the first one starting on Monday 24th September and running for 6 weeks.

The first online class that we run will be 'Painting Landscapes – Level 1'. Over the course of the six weeks we will teach you step-by-step how to paint simple yet effective landscapes. We can only take 15 students per class and it will be a case of first in first served when we open up for bookings.

By running online art classes it means that no matter where in the world you are you can now join us for one of our art classes.

I will be emailing you again in the next few days with full details when we are ready to open up for bookings into this new class so please keep an eye open for the email announcement.

If you are interested in joining the class for the six weeks then drop me a return email to let me know and I will place you on our priority notification list. 

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