How To Paint A Seascape – Part 2 of 3

How To Paint A Seascape

This is part 2 of the 3 part series “How To Paint A Seascape”.

If you missed part 1 then review this first >>> How To Paint A Seascape


In the above photo I have worked on the detail of the lighthouse itself. The light side which is getting the late afternoon sun is added with titanium white and just a touch of Cadmium Yellow in it.


I have started to work back over the sky again to strengthen the colours. The dark side of the clouds has also been strengthed using a mix of Ultramarine Blue and Alizarin Crimson.


You can see in the above photo that I have added in the highlight colour of the foliage on top of the sand dune. To get the effect that this is glowing in the sunshine I have darkened the foreground hill. Its a good lesson to remember if you want more light in your paintings make sure your darks are dark enough. I have also worked on darkening the faces of the waves.


Using pure Titanium White I have added in the stair case leading down to the beach. This is to be the lightest light in the painting. I have also started to work on the breaking wave with a grey / white and started to shape up the foam patterns.

Notice also on the sand I have darkened the sand in shadow and lightened the sand in sunlight to create more contrast.


Here you can see I have added in even more details to the lighthouse. This lighthouse at Point Lonsdale has very distinctive features so it is important to get them just right. Time to slow down a little and focus in on getting the details accurate.

In the final part of this series we will conclude the painting with all of the finishing touches.