Crazy 72 Hour Sale

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I was thinking about how I could help you to get the basics you need to start painting well, as well as give you enough projects
so you get the practice you need.

So I decided to do something I have never done before.

For the next 72 hours you can get access to all of our online courses for just $197 (AUD). Normally to get all of our painting classes and projects it would be well more than $457.

You can start by clicking here:

Click Here To Get This Best Ever Offer

So what do you get for the low price of $197?

All of our online courses:

– Get started Painting Course
– Landscape Painting – Level 1
– Landscape Painting – Level 2
– Seascape Painting – Level 1
– Painting People & Figures
– Gift Ideas
– Speed Painting With Len Hend

Plus more than 3,000 images you can paint from my personal collection.

YOu will also get the online version of our painting projects:

– Tuscany Landscape
– Cape Otway Lighthouse
– Point Lonsdale Front Beach
– Sunrise River Reflections
– Uluru Dreaming
– Tuscany Villa

Wow … thats a ton of painting lessons (More than 40 hours)

Again you can start here:

Click Here To Get This Best Ever Offer

If you have taken one of my classes or online courses before you already know my teaching style breaks it down so that anyone, regardless of experience, can learn how to pain.

So why am I doing this?

Two reasons really.

First I want to see how good you, my students, can get following my lessons. So why not give them all to you at an affordable price.

Second, I woke up today and was thinking I wanted to do something as a thank you for being on my list.

So I hope you take me up on this best ever offer for all of our  online painting courses.

Remember I am only keeping this open for 72 hours so click the link now and join us:

Get Started Painting Here

Finding Your Artistic Style

Finding Your Artistic Style

Finding Your Artistic Style –

In this video I share with you how when I tried to create a signature style that helped me stand out as an Artist that I didn’t get very far. However when I just focused on painting what I love I found my artistic style.

So what is involved in your artistic style?

Finding your artistic style is a combination of the medium you paint in, your subject matter, your painting style and technique, the elements that make their way into your paintings, your pallette and more.

I show you real examples of how my style is emerging as an Australian Landscape Artist.

If you want to learn how to paint then visit

New FREE Course ‘Learn To Paint’


*** NEW *** Free Course ‘Learn To Paint’

Just launched a brand new course designed for beginners and intermediate painters titled ‘Learn To Paint’. The course takes you step by step through how to start painting using my simple 3 step Moore Method of Painting.

The course can be taken in either oils or acrylic. You can register for the course here:

Register For ‘Learn To Paint’ Course Here

You will see that we have recently set up the new Moore Art School Academy where you can now access all of our courses.