Yes … YOU Can Learn To Paint!

We Are So Convinced You Can Learn To Paint With
Our Step-By-Step System We Guarantee It!

Art Instructions For Beginners

If you have always wanted to learn how to paint but didn’t think you have the talent, or did not know where to start then we have a simple message for you …. YOU can learn to paint!

Even if you have never picked up a brush before and struggle drawing stick men you absolutely positively can learn to paint following our simple step-by-step system taught in our Art Classes & Art Workshops.

How can we be so certain?

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It was only a few short years ago that our founder Rod Moore had never picked up a brush before. Then Rod discovered the wet-on-wet method of oil painting and quickly went from total beginner without a clue to being a good painter who regularly sells his artwork. Today Rod’s mission is simply to …

“Spread The Magic Of Painting”

… and more importantly to help you learn to paint in the shortest time possible while having loads of fun and meeting new friends. At Moore Art School we have a big emphais on fun and friendship while learning to paint.

Imagine coming to one of our art classes as a total beginner and leaving a few hours later with a painting you will be glad to hang on the wall at home.

The Moore Method of Painting makes it possible for any one regardless of talent or skill to start painting today.

What Makes Our Art Classes Different?

At Moore Art School our Art Classes & Art Workshops are different for a number of reasons:


Recent Photos From Art Classes


* We have a fundamental belief that everyone can learn to paint … including you!

* Our Art Classes & Art Workshops are designed to be an environment of fun, support and encouragement

Our Art Classes & Art Workshops are designed for the total beginner through to intermediate artists.

* All of our Art Classes & Art Workshops are structured and designed to help you progressively improve over time.

* Art Classes with a little theory, a lot of painting, and even more fun :)

* Step-by-step demonstration by your instructor – Every step is mapped out for you to follow along

* Course notes for you to follow with and take home

* A certificate of completion for each of our Art Classes & Art Workshops

* You will take home completed paintings you will be proud of from our Art Classes & Workshops

Additional assignments to do after the workshop are included in course notes

* Positive feedback and critique of your paintings

Individual assistance as you paint along during Art Classes & Workshops

* Plus so much more …

We are so confident that you will love coming to our Art Classes & Art Workshops that we offer you a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee. If you don’t love it and have a good time you get your money back.

Online Painting Courses & DVD’s

Check our calendar of events to see if we have Art Classes or Workshops in your area first … if you can not make it to one of our classes then try out our Online Art Courses and our Painting DVD’s which are both great ways that you can learn to paint at home following the Moore Method of Painting.

How Do You Get Started?

The first thing you want to do is request your FREE video seriers ‘Learn To Paint’.

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Click the link above for details on how to access the free video series that will introduce to how easy it is for you to get started painting.