About Rod Moore

(Rod on set filming Plein Air Painting TV)

Thanks for dropping by to find out more about me :)

I have to admit that I would never have thought of becoming an artist or art instructor for most of my life.

My father had done some watecolour painiting ten years earlier. He had a natural talent for it and enjoyed taking various classes, especially on colour theory and so on. At the time though I had little interest. I was more interested in music and playing in bands … so I guess the creative aspect of my personality has always been there.

Around three or four years ago I dabled in acrylic painting. I had no training and no idea and quickly lost interest. It was I guess a necessary distraction at the time.

Then in 2007 I was in London and visited the Tate London gallery were they had a Turner Exhibition on. Just my luck to be there during the two weeks the exhibition ran. So I went along and was totally blown away Turners watercolours. Particularly the sketches, many of which were half finished.

From that day on I have been growing more and more obssessed by watercolour painting and more recently oil painting.

At first it started with buying some cheap paints, brushes and watercolour paper from the local $2 shop. Hhhhmmm … I quickly realised that getting to Turners standard would take some practice :)

So  I started to study.

I purchased lots of watercolour painting DVD’s from people like Alvaro Castagnet, David Taylor, John Lovett, Robert Wade, Greg Allen, Ian King, David Curtis, Robert Davies and so many more. I have watched hundreds of hours of DVD’s in my quest to learn more about mastering painting.

A little over a year ago I came across Bob Ross and Bill Alexander on You Tube. I had never heard of them until then. Bill Alexander was the founder of a particular approach to the wet-on-wet style of painting. Both Bill and Bob had TV programs on PBS in USA and would create these amazing paintings in just 30 minutes. I was hooked … I had to find out how they were doing it. I watched hundreds of hours of videos on You Tube, ordered all of their DVD’s and books I could get my hands on and started to learn their approach.

One thing led to another and I enrolled in the Alexander Certified Instructor program to become a qualified teacher in Bill Alexanders style of painting. I became the first ever Australian Alexander Certified Instructor and launched Moore Art School.

What I love about the Alexander approach to painting is that practically anyone can learn to paint great paintings in a short period of time and have fun doing it.

Having attended art classes before I knew that the Alexander approach was a much better system for the average person and the complete beginner to learn how to paint … thats why I founded Moore Art School. My mission today is to spread the magic in painting around Australia.

Moore Method Of Painting

There are some limitations to the method of painting taught by Bill Alexander and Bob Ross however.

So using what I learnt as an Alexander Certified Instructor I have been refining the approach and developing what I call the Moore Method of Painting. Our unique approach to learning how to paint makes it easy for beginners to get started learning how to paint and to progressively improve over time.

Plein Air Painting TV

Inspired by the example of Bill Alexander and Bob Ross with their TV shows I came up with a crazy idea in September 2011. The idea was to start a TV show titled “Plein Air Painting” where we go out on location to paint and explore.

My wife Sue and I developed the concept for the show and then pitched it to C31 in Melbourne. They loved the idea so we set about filming a pilot and the rest as they say is history. Plein Air Painting TV has been broadcast nationally around Australia with rave reviews.

We were fortunate to find an awesome camera guy Killian of Video Story who was a huge help in developing the show.

Read more about Plein Air Painting TV and watch episodes here

Today I am a full time artist as well as running Moore Art School. My painting is inspired by the Impressionists and I like to paint in a loose expressive manner. Mostly I prefer to paint seascapes from around the Great Ocean Road and Bellarine Penninsula where we live.

You can visit my personal website to see my paintings Rod Moore Art

Here are some examples of my paintings: