Michelle’s Painting

Michelles Great Painting!

Hope you had a great Easter break!

I had to email you today to show you this great painting by one of  our students Michelle Endersby.

Michelle is pretty much a total beginner when it comes to painting. She came to one of our art classes in February and did a great job completing one of her first ever paintings.

Then Michelle joined our DVD of Month Club … and completed the above painting from the March DVD. What I love about this is that Michelle has done her own interpretation of the painting, adding in the rocks on the right hand side creating a great little cove scene, and creating a painting that is truly her own.

Michelle has done such a great job for a beginner and we can only imagine how much she will progress in the coming months as she continues to follow the lessons and the projects as a member of the DVD of Month Club. Congratulations Michelle … we are grateful to have you as a member of the DVD of Month Club.

NOTE: I am going to be doing a video review of Michelles painting highlighting what she has done well and a few keys for her to improve her painting.The video will be available in the members area soon.

The DVD of Month Club is one of the best ways to learn how to paint. You see … learning to paint requires you getting regular instruction to improve your skills, and regular practice. By spacing this learning out month to month, and following the projects in the DVD's each month you can not help to improve.



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