Art Shed Online – Save Money On Art Supplies

Note: In video I may have said free shipping however this is not accurate and you should check the shipping price at time of checkout.

I often get asked where do I get my art supplies and how can our students save money on art supplies.

Well many of you will know that Art Shed Online are one of our partners and we hold a lot of our Art Classes at their Moorabbin store.

I get all of my Art Supplies from their website (and when I drop into the store). They offer the best range and value for money I have found in Australia.

Well I have negotiated with their owner to give all of our Moore Art School students and friends a 15% discount.

All you need to do is to use the coupon code – rodmooreart

Watch the video above and when you are ready go to their website by clicking below and use the coupon code.

Visit Art Shed Online Website

Please support our partners and order your Art Supplies from Art Shed Online’s website and save 15% on your orders.

Here is a list of the supplies that I use:

Oil Paints

The oil paints that I use are the Mont Marte Professional Oil Paints. The colors I use are:

– Ultramarine Blue 

– Cobalt Blue

– Crimson Red

– Cadmium Red Hue

– Medium Yellow

– Yellow Ochre

– Raw Sienna

– Burnt Sienna

– Viridian Gree

– Titanium White

Acrylic Paints


When it comes to the Acrylic paints I use the Mont Marte Dimension 250 ml range. Essentially the same colors as the oils with the exception of the reds.

Use Magenta in place of the Alizarin Crimson and use the Brilliant Red in place of the Cadmium Red.


I use a simple selection of brushes. Mostly chunking flat brushes. You will need one large and a couple of smaller ones for detail work. Also a rigger brush for doing lines and a Fan brush. Watch the video above and I walk you through which brushes to get.


Art Shed Online have two good solutions for palettes.

– The Mont Marte Easy Clean Palette (Highly recommended)

– Mont Marte Tear Off Palette <<< Good for easy clean up


There is a huge variety of canvases offered by Art Shed Online all at terrific prices.

The two main ones you will want to use are the Canvas Panels for doing practice exercises and sketches that you might find in our online art classes.

The other canvases you should use for finished works is the Mont Marte Professional Range. These come in single thickness for framing or double thickness (gallery wrapped) for directly hanging on the wall.


There are three main easels I recommend to our students.

The first is the desktop easel for those who like sitting down to paint. We use these in our Art Classes & Workshops. Get the Traditional Elm Desk Easel.

For larger studio work you will want a studio easel. It is better to invest in a good one from the start as this is a once off purchase.

Also for more mobile painting and for plein air painting grab yourself one of the French Easels.


You will also find lots of other painting goodies at the Art Shed Online website. So make sure you have a good look around and remember to use the coupon code above to get your exclusive 15% discount organised for Moore Art School students and friends.