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Dingle Art School – Now Open

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Dingle Art Shool – Now Open

Friends in Ireland and the UK I wanted to let you all know about our first Moore Certified Instructor in Ireland.

Anne Lundon went through our certification course last year and now runs the Dingle Art School.

She is teaching students subjects from both the local area in Dingle along with subjects from Moore Art School. So if you have been enjoying learning the Moore Method of Painting and want to take a class then I highly recommend contacting Anne.

You can get all the details from her website and information on up and coming art workshops she is doing.

For more information on how you can start an art teaching business like Anne, and the Moore Certified Instructor program, please go here


Harolds First Painting

DSC08777 DSC08780

Great work by one of our new students Harold Green.

Here he is with his version of the painting from the free five day course. You can register for the FREE course here

Here is what Harold had to say about the course:

This is my first Acrylic painting.

I really enjoyed following the Moore method of painting. Rod Moore’s method is very encouraging and his use of the three primary colours and mixing techniques was especially useful.

I am looking forward to following his lessons further and progressing my painting skills.

Harold Green

Get access to our secret sale here


Starting An Art Teaching Business

Starting An Art Teaching Business


One of the best things I have ever done is to start Moore Art School.

Teaching others how to paint, and then seeing them grow and develop as artists through your teaching, is one of the most rewarding careers you can have.

In this article I want to share with you some insights into what it takes to start and run an art teaching business. If you have considered teaching art or starting your own art school then you will want to read every word of this.

The one big take away that I want you to get is that there has never been a better time in history for artists to start teaching art, and with the right guidance you can achieve what ever level of success you desire.


So let’s start out by asking the most important question of all …

Is Starting An Art Teaching Business Right For You?

It’s important that you think about this.

In order to achieve success you have to be a good fit for teaching art.

First you need a passion for art. If you are a creative person and you love to paint, draw or sculpt then you may be well suited for it.

If teaching art is right for you then its likely that right now all you want to do is create and you daydream about it all the time. And every chance you get you are creatig something.

But the passion for art alone is not enough.

The second key I have found is you have to enjoy working with people. Teaching art is a people business. You will find yourself working closely with students as you help them to learn to paint.

Being personable and relatable helps as it will attract more students to you.

The third key consideration is that teaching art is a business. Now you don’t have to be a hardcore business minded person, however you do have to be mindful that as it is a business you are going to need things like marketing and sales systems to achieve success.

So those are the three things you want to consider:

1/ Do you have the passion for art?
2/ Do you enjoy working with people?
3/ Can you see yourself running a small business?

If you can say YES to each of these then you are on the right track.

Sidenote – Starting an art teaching business is definitely not a get rich quick type of program. If your primary motive is to make money then it probably won’t work out for you.

Now if you have decided that starting and running an art teaching business is for you then let me share with you …

The Number One Key To Success

The number one thing that will determine if you are successful or not in the long run is YOU!

Starting a business and making it successful all comes down to YOU.

When you make the decision to start an art teaching business you take on the responsibility for its success or failure 100%. Sure you can get help and guidance along the way however you are the one who has to get up every day and make it happen.

A big part of this then is investing in the development of yourself.

First your mindset. You need to have an empowered mindset and positive self belief to make it work. So you may need to spend time in personal development.

Personally I spend a lot of time improving myself. For instance I attend Toastmasters regularly to learn how to improve my public speaking ability.

Secondly your skill as an artist.

It is important that you constantly work on developing and improving your skills as an artist. That means continuing to take workshops, courses and of course lots of practice painting.

One golden rule that I have always believed in is you want students to invest in doing your art classes and workshops then you need to be convinced enough of the value in doing so by investing in them yourself.

Personally I take a number of workshops each year with world renowned artists like Kasey Sealy, John Wilson and others.

But what a lot of people don’t know is that I also am a member of a number of online Ateliers and I spend time each day working through these master lessons.

Let me repeat myself then … YOU are the number one factor in whether you will be a success or not. So you need to always be working on you and your mindset and skills.

The Opportunity For Art Teachers


The opportunity to teach art has never been better in the history of the world. Right now artists have a unique opportunity to start and launch an art teaching business and enjoy success like never before.

Problem is most are not aware of it.


The Internet has created incredible opportunities for people like you and I.

Twenty years ago it would not have been possible for me to run a successful art business. But because of the Internet you and I can live our dreams of earning an income from our art.

The Internet has done two things:

1/ It has increased the interest in learning to paint. That combined with the baby boomer generation. So there are more people than ever before wanting to learn to paint.

2/ Reach – One of the biggest challenges with any business is being able to attract new customers to you. Now with the Internet that is so much easier. When you learn to embrace social media like Facebook and YouTube you can reach out to new students and attract them to you.

So the opportunity has never been better.

And you can choose to either just teach classes in your local area, or teach online, or do both.

Personally I do both as I like the idea of tapping into a global marketplace with the online model, and I also like the interaction of running classes as well.

The opportunity has never been better than it is right now so if you are thinking of starting then do it right now while it is so good.

Who Will You Teach?


This is a big question you need to answer.

Who are you going to teach in your new art teaching business?

There are lots of options:

– Kids Art Classes
– Adult Art Classes
– Corporate Team Building Classes
– Art Parties
– Paint & Sip Classes
– Advanced to Professionals

And what skill level will you teach? Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced?

Personally I think the greatest opportunity is in teaching adults who are beginners to intermediate level.

This is by far the biggest market, the easiest to reach and the easiest to teach.

Once you choose a market then I recommend you focus all of your efforts on that one market. Get good at this one market first before entering others.

How Will You Teach Them?

In my early days of wanting to learn to paint I attended lots of different art classes and workshops.

Some with local artists and some with world renowned high profile artists.

And I quickly came to the conclusion that great artists do not necessarily make great art teachers.

I encountered many different approaches including:

* Do your own thing and I will come aroud and see you (maybe!)
* Demonstration of a painting (but really poor explanation)
* Theoretical (Too much theory but little painting done)
* Entertainer (Artist entertains but does not explain)

And much more.

What was missing from most of the classes and workshops was a method of teaching that helped students get results.

Think about it logically … doesn’t it make sense that you want those attending your class or workshop to walk away from the day with a finished painting they are really proud of?

If you can help them achieve that then doesn’t it also make sense that they are far more likely to book into more classes in the future?

So you need a method of teaching that helps them get a finished result.

You can not just wing it as an art teacher and hope for the best … though many have tried this approach.

What Will You Teach Them?

Once you know who you will teach and how you will teach them you now need to decide what you will teach them.

What medium? Oils, Acrylics, Watercolours, Mixed Media?

And what subjects will you teach them?

Will it be landscapes, seascapes, abstract, portraits, pets, cityscapes?

These are important decisions as the right projects will attract students to you and the wrong ones will not.

Knowing what projects to teach is vital to your success.

By way of example I started out teaching the wet on wet oil painting method.

That was a challenge. After about a year I decided to try teaching a class in acrylics. Then I quickly realised that when teaching beginners it is far easier to do so in acrylics than oils.

Once I made the switch things quickly improved.

It’s Not Just About The Art

I mentioned earlier that you have to appreciate that if you start an art teaching business it is a business.

So you need to learn about starting a running a business as well.

By far the most important part of this is the marketing side of it.

You need to have the right marketing to attract students to you.

It doesn’t matter how good an artist you are … if you can’t market in a way that attracts students then you won’t achieve success.

Artists are not traditionally great at the sales and marketing side of things.

The good news though is that it does not have to be that hard. When you get the right guidance and follow a proven blueprint for success then you can achieve good results from marketing as well.

Expanding Your Business Online

For most people I recommend starting your art teaching business in your local area.

Get some consistent classes up and running and learn how to help your students get good results from your classes and workshops.

From there though you should also consider expanding online.

Right now there are artists making full time livings from sites like YouTube, Patreon, Udemy and more.

When you learn how to create online courses and projects then you can expand exponentially as you tap into a global auidence. There are 2.5 billion people online right now. A massive market.

So developing the online side of your business can help you grow and create new income streams for you.

This is certainly an area that Moore Art School is pushing into further. Having had more than 15,000 students go through our online courses now we are just barely scratching the surface of what is possible.

What About Art Teacher Qualifications?

A question that often comes up is what qualifications do I need to start?

The truth is you don’t need any if you follow my model.

If you want to teach in a school environment like High School for instance and get a job doing this then yes you probably need a teaching degree.

But to start your own art teaching school you do not need any qualifications at all.

Having said that I do recommend getting a certification as an art teacher.

That is how I started. I enrolled in a certification program, did the exercises and assignments and became certified in their method.

It gave me more confidence to make a start and it gave me the rights to represent their method of teaching in my marketplace.

Even though I changed after a year of teaching their method I still think it was invaluable for me to get started.

So I do recommend that you start in a similar way.

Investigate the various certification programs that are out there and decide on the best fit for you. Be aware thought that most do not cover the all important subjects of the business side of art teaching, or sales and marketing.

It’s A Marathon Not A Sprint


One thing I want to point out is that starting and running a successful art teaching business is a marathon not a sprint.

What I mean by that is that if you expect overnight success with it then you might end up disappointed. It takes time to build up so you need a long term view.

Think about building up success over a 3 to 5 year period of time. Many think in terms of 3 to 5 months but truth is it will take you this long to get started and to start finding a few regulars.

Now you can earn an income along the way … but to build a solid successful business as an art teacher will take time. Be patient and be consistent in your efforts.

I started doing it part time while working full time in jobs. I did this for several years before going full time.

So take a long term view of it and through consistent and persistent action you will get there. Over time the law of compounding efforts will start to work in your favour.

Teach The Moore Method of Painting

Over the last six years I have had the good fortune to teach hundreds of students in one day workshops and more than 15,000 online.

During that time I have worked on developing a methodology of teaching beginners that gets results. That takes a beginner from never having picked up a brush before to being able to finish their first painting that they are proud of.

The Moore Method of Painting has now been proven to work around the world not just in the classes I have taught, but in classes taught by Moore Certified Instructors in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, UK and Saudi Arabia.

The advantage of the Moore Method of Painting is that it simplifies the process of learning to paint down into three colours, three brushes and three steps. This makes it easier to teach those just starting out.

Right now we are looking to expand to even more countries around the world.

I am on a personal mission to spread the Moore Method globally and to reach as many people as possible and help them fulfill their dream of learning to paint.

If what you have read in this article resonates with you and you want to find out more than request an information kit and join us on the upcoming Webinar ‘Starting An Art Teaching Business’

Find out more about the Moore Certified Instructor program –

Register for the coming Webinar here –


Gympie Art Class at Quartz Hub

Gympie Art Class At Quartz Hub



Student Success In India

Nirmala 2 Nirmala

More great success stories. This time from Nirmala in India. Terrific job with the painting. Here is what she had to say:

Dear Sir,
Let me introduce myself to you.I am Nirmala Kutty.from Kerala, India.myself and my husband Shankar Kutty live in our farm.our farm is beautiful with all kind of tropical trees ,a stream flowing nearby and mountains as backdrops! So being here I really enjoyed doing your painting lesson!and let me tell you your lessons gave me lots of tips on painting! Very encouraging for a person like me who loves to do painting that also oil as a medium! And this is the first time I am having a professional help.!.I am sending my finished painting which you taught me! Thanks again Mr.Rod!

class no 2

Our First Art Teacher In Ireland

class no 2

Our First Moore Certified Teacher In Ireland

A huge congratulations to Anne who is our first ever Moore Certified Instructor in Ireland.

She has completed the MCI program and launched Dingle Art School.

As you can see from her early students above she is already doing a terrific job teaching people to paint using the Moore Method of Painting.

I thought you might be interested in her feedback on the Moore Certified Instructor program:

Moore Art School afforded me the opportunity to dismiss misconceptions about painting. By following the Moore Method I could plan in a logical sequence what I wanted to achieve and actually succeed! I have been trying to paint for over thirty years, never with confidence. Now I can plan a painting from scratch.

I take photos and use them to create a painting. The sense of achievement is unreal!

Then I also have successfully relayed this information to others, which adds a whole new dimension. I can teach because of the Moore Method and I can make money!!

Even though I have been dealing with Marketing for years I really learnt a succinct approach to it and I am in the process of developing my Major Marketing Plan. The guidance offered plus the possibility of using the Moore approach to websites and Social Media is second to none.

So I look forward everyday to developing further in conjunction with Moore Art School

Great feedback right?

I have no doubt Anne and the Dingle Art School will go on to great success.

Clearly the Moore Method of Painting works and MCI program is simply the best program to help you launch your own Art School.

Are you ready to get started?

Are you ready to start building your art school?

If you are ready and want to join us in the MCI program then I have a few spots left in our payment plan program.

Want to find out more?

Click Here To Learn More About The MCI Program

Oh by the way … Anne finished the MCI program in about 3 months. So in 3 months from today you could be up and running if you wish in your own art school. You have up to 18 months to complete the course though if you want to go a little slower.

First Moore Certified Instructor in Saudi Arabia

Our first Moore Certified Instructor in Saudi Arabia.


Congratulations to Nada Suleimani who has worked really hard to achieve her certification. She is now qualified to teach the Moore Method of Painting to students in her country and online. It hasn’t been easy for Nada as she was met with some challenges along the way however she persisted and has achieved some great results with her first students. Well done Nada.

unnamed (2)

Here is what Nada had to say about the Moore Certified Instructor program:

This course was with a good teacher
I learned from him new approach in painting
It made me sure that their is nothing wrong in my paintings and add confidence in my work
Marketing wise it guides me through the first steps
Helped me to know the step by step guide for work shops
How to judge good from bad art
Learned the time frame how to finish a paint in 2 hours
How to paint out door
How to create my own projects


Well done Nada we are very proud of you and happy to welcome you as our newest certified instructor of the Moore Method.

unnamed (1)

Find out more at

Earn $500 A Day Teaching Art Workshops (Model For Success)

Earn $500 A Day Teaching Art Workshops
(Model For Success)

Click Here For More Information


I get a lot of interest from artists around the world wanting to start their own Art Teaching business.

Find out how here

What holds them back though typically is a couple of things.

Mostly MONEY!

So let me show you one of the ways money is made when you start your Art Teaching business.

If you have never run a business before you might not understand the model.

So in the video I explain the model.

It’s the same model I use when I am teaching Art Classes or one day workshops.

Now keep in mind it is a model and your experience might be different.

But this gives you a model to work with. Something to aim at.

Will it happen like this the first time you run an Art Workshop?

Probably not … you need to build momentum, build a following, develop regular students, improve your skills, get experience, and fine tune what works specifically in your local area.

And it might take some time and persistence to build it up to this level as well.

I don’t know you personally so I can’t say for sure. What I can tell you though is if you keep this model in mind and work hard to build your business towards this model then this level of income is more than possible.

Two workshops like this and your investment into the Moore Certified Instructor program is paid for.

What if it took you 4 or 5 workshops to make back your investment? It would still be worth it as you would then have the skills for life, right?

Find out how here


[WANTED] 20 New Art Teachers in 2017


I’m looking for 20 new art teachers to join me in 2017.

If you have been considering joining our Moore Certified Instructor program then this is an important email for you so you will want to read every word.

First though … I never intended to become an art teacher.

And I never imagined I would start Moore Art School.

It definitely didn’t occur to me that I would wind up teaching thousands of beginners how to paint around the world.

So how did I wind up where I am today?

Well it all started with a coffee mug.

You see … I was sitting in my office at work with a broken coffee mug. Big problem for me because I LUV coffee and can’t function without it.

So I went next door to the $2 shop to buy a new mug.

And as I selected my new best friend I spotted the art supplies section.

My heart skipped a beat.

It had been a dream of mine to learn to paint.

But I didn’t think I had any talent for art at all. In fact I was sure of it.

Something inside me though kept bringing me back to the idea of one day learning to paint.

So a few days later I went back to the $2 store and I purchased everything.

Lol … I had no idea what I was doing, what I needed, or what I was going to do with any of it.

That weekend I set about creating my first master piece.

Then I did what a lot of beginners do, now certain I had no talent at all, I packed it all up in a box and put it all in a cupboard.

It wasn’t just the art supplies that went in the cupboard … it was my dream of being a good painter that I packed away sadly.

For the next five years I went on a frustrating journey trying to learn to paint.

I attend classes with world famous artists who were brilliant but just had no idea how to teach beginners.

In fact one highly regarded watercolour artist told me there was no hope for me.

That made me mad as hell.

And I decided to prove him wrong.

That’s when I decided I was going to develop an easy system for painting.

An approach to painting that I could share with other beginners so they could realise their dream of learning to paint.

I didn’t want anyone else to have to be humiliated like I felt that day in that art class.

Bit by bit and little by little I worked out a methodology to take anyone from no clue to finishing a simple landscape painting.

Simply by following just three steps.

It’s what I call the Moore Method of Painting.

It is the simplest easiest way for beginners to learn to paint.

And I have proven it time and time again in the classes I have taught.

I have had grown adults crying in classes after they completed a finished painting they were proud of. They have amazed their families and friends. These are people who went their entire life thinking they had no artistic talent.

That’s why I am so passionate about sharing the Moore Method of Painting with as many beginners as I can around the world.

And that’s why I created the Moore Certified Instructor program.

I am on a mission to spread the Moore Method of Painting around the world.

So that is where you come in.

In 2017 I am looking to bring 20 new art teachers into the program.

I can show you how to start your art teaching business using the Moore Method of Painting in your local area.

And in no time you can turn your passion for painting into a part time or full time income.

Like Christine has just done in New Zealand.

She is our newest Moore Certified Instructor. Before she had even finished the certification program she had her classes up and running.

You can do it too.

I am looking for 20 people.

Just 20 people to join me helping people learn to paint.

Will you be one of them?

The opportunity has never been better than right now.

In 2017 I am looking for 20 people to become certified Moore Instructors.

Do you want one of those spots?

If you do then we should talk.

I want to share with you how you can use your mobile phone, Facebook & YouTube to start and grow your business.

There has never been a better time.

But I am only looking for 20 people.

Email me back right now with your phone number and where you are located to

I will give you a call and answer your questions.

Let’s get you started on your journey to becoming an art teacher in 2017.

Send me an email and let’s chat.

Speak to you soon.

Rod Moore
Moore Art School

PS … The investment in the MCI program will be doubling (it’s been way to cheap) once the 20 people graduate. So jump in now before the price goes up and everyone wants to join.

How To Paint River Reflections & Sunsets 2

How To Paint A River – YouTube Live Stream Painting Class

How To Paint A River

How To Paint A River – Live Stream On YouTube

How to Paint a River – In this live stream painting class we paint a river in oil paint that is perfect for beginners. The river is Noosa River in Queensland, Australia and we capture a view across the river as the sun is setting. So we will be painting the river reflections and sunset. If you are a beginner just starting out on your journey to learn to paint then this online painting class for beginners is ideal for you to learn how to get started painting.

This is just one of our live online painting classes. We will be bringing you lots more in the future so you will want to add yourself to our notification list to get updates on when the next online art class is happening.

FREE Painting Video Course:

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In this live stream painting class with Rod Moore of Moore Art School you will learn How To Paint River Reflections and Sunset in oil painting or acrylics. This simple painting is designed for both beginners and intermediate artists and is perfect for you to try at home.

Rod walks you through his Moore Method of Painting which is a simple three step process for creating great looking paintings in oils and acrylics for beginners to intermediate painters.

In this painting class Rod focuses on the Noosa River at Sunset and shows you how to paint river reflections and how to paint a sunset sky. Painting river reflections in water is easier than you think.

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