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Dingle Art School – Now Open

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Dingle Art Shool – Now Open

Friends in Ireland and the UK I wanted to let you all know about our first Moore Certified Instructor in Ireland.

Anne Lundon went through our certification course last year and now runs the Dingle Art School.

She is teaching students subjects from both the local area in Dingle along with subjects from Moore Art School. So if you have been enjoying learning the Moore Method of Painting and want to take a class then I highly recommend contacting Anne.

You can get all the details from her website and information on up and coming art workshops she is doing.

For more information on how you can start an art teaching business like Anne, and the Moore Certified Instructor program, please go here

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First Art Class In Canada

First Art Class in Canada

Super excited today to share these photos with you. Stephen Christie is currently going through our MCI program (Moore Certified Instructor) and recently held his first class.

Take a look at the pics. Great job Stephen.

Stephen is on track to be our first ever certified instructor in Canada which is exciting. As a Moore Certified Instructor Stephen will be teaching the Moore Method of Painting in Canada.

You can find out more about becoming a Moore Certified Instructor here:

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Stephen demonstrating the technique

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Class underway … everyone is doing great.

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Start of the class.


Great result by everyone who took part. Well done all and we look forward to Stephen doing more classes soon.