Learn The Secrets Behind Colour & Colour Mixing That Will Dramatically Improve Your Skills As An Artist

The Colour Mixing Course Is YourComplete Guide To COLOUR & COLOUR MIXING

6 Week Step By Step Guide

Join Now And Dramatically Improve Your Understanding Of Colour, How To Mix It And How To Get The Most From It.

Join me and hundred's of other Moore Art School students in this 6 week intensive Colour Mixing Course where we take an in-depth look at COLOUR and COLOUR MIXING.

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The 6 week course will cover everything you need to know about COLOUR and how to mix it. Apply what you learn and you will make dramatic improvements in your ability as an artist.​

I recently surveyed my students and found the biggest challenges with colour are:

* Not Sure What Colours To Have On Palette
* Don't Know What Colours To Mix To Get Other Colours
* Can't Stop Their Colours From Getting Muddy
* No Idea How To Mix A Colour They Need 
* Confused Over Greens & How To Mix Them
* Struggle With Managing Palette & Where To Put Colours
* Don't Seem To Be Able To Get Clean Colour
* They Don't Understand Warm Vs Cool Colours
* How Dark or Light To Make Colour
* Mixing or Buying Grey Versions of Colours

And there were lots more but these were the main problems most of our students have with COLOUR and mixing colour.

Sound familiar?

​The problem is if you are struggling with COLOUR and the issues above apply to YOU then it is holding you back from becoming the true creative artist you know you can be.

When you have to think about COLOUR and how to mix it then you are not in your creative flow. So let's fix that once and for all and help you get the skills you know you need so you don't even have to think about colour again ... it will just come naturally to you.​

That's why I have put together the brand new COLOUR MIXING COURSE ...

Everything You Need To Know About Colour & More​

Colour Mixing Course

The course will Run for 6 weeks during which time you will learn everything you need to know about COLOUR and how to MIX COLOUR with ease. Your understanding of Colour will be greatly improved.

Each week for the duration of the course you will receive one module. Study the videos and do the exercises suggested and over the six week period your skills and knowledge as an artist will improve dramatically.

Here is how the course we will look:


In week 1 we will give you an introduction into colour. It is important we start with the foundation knowledge you need before we progress. So we examine the COLOUR WHEEL and get an understanding of the primary and secondary colours and how to mix them.

Colour Mixing Course


In week 2 we talk about the idea of VALUES ... dark and light and how to use it in your paintings for greater effect. Most discussions around VALUES though only look at VALUES in terms of a grey scale. This is important but you also need to know how to apply VALUES to COLOUR. How dark and light your colours are in your painting is key to making your paintings come alive.

Colour Mixing Course


In week 3 we will talk about the concept of colour saturation. Most beginners have never even heard about the concept of saturation of colour and as a result there paintings look amateurish. When know how to alter the saturation of colour then you can create more realistic paintings. This is a key concept that is rarely discussed but one you need to know.

Colour Mixing Course


In week 4 we will begin to transition from beginners to very good painters when we start to think in terms of temperature. The temperature of COLOUR is vital to give your paintings dimension and depth. Knowing when and how to use temperature, Cool or WARM, will put you in command of your paintings. The outcome will be better looking paintings.

Colour Mixing Course


By the time we get to week 5 your knowledge of COLOUR, mixing, Values, Saturation and more will be at an all time high and your skills will be starting to improve. So in week 5 we discuss moving from a basic palette to an advanced palette. In an advanced palette we use both cool and warm versions of each of our primary colours. This give us more options and greater flexibility.

Colour Mixing Course


In week 6 you will discover how to pull it all together so that you can achieve even greater Aerial Perspective. When you know how to apply all of the concepts you will have learnt in the past 5 weeks and can put them all together into your painting then you will reached a level in your paintings where they have great depth, dimension and realism.

Colour Mixing Course

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So how does the COLOUR MIXING COURSE work?

The Colour Mixing Course is a ​6 Week Structured
Learning Online Video Course

The course will be broken down into 6 weeks. Each week you will receive a new module which will consist of:

Weekly Online Video Modules

Each week you will receive a series of videos that for that weeks lesson. The videos will explain the concept and theory behind the weeks lesson, as well as give you a practical understanding of how to apply your new knowledge.

Weekly Colour Mixing Exercises

You will also receive a series of exercises for you to do each week. This is where the real learning happens. When you apply the new knowledge you have just gained by doing the exercises then your skills in understanding colour and how to mix it will greatly improve. The exercises are designed to give you both the skill of mixing colour and the knowledge of how different colours react when mixed together.

Feedback & Analysis

Send pictures of your finished exercises to me and I will personally give you feedback and analysis of how you have gone. I want to make sure that you have both the knowledge you need and the ability to be able to apply it through the exercises.

Plus I want to make sure you get all of your questions answered so I have decided to include ...

BONUS - Q&A Video 

As a special bonus at the end of the six week course and I will collate all of the questions I receive from you our students and put them all together into one Q&A video. This will be a comprehensive breakdown of your most common questions asked throughout the course and will prove to be an extremely valuable resource.

100% Money Back Guarantee

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You Will Learn Everything You Need To Know About Colour
Plus A Whole Lot More To Improve Your Use of Colour
& How To Mix It In The Colour Mixing Course

During the 6 week Colour Mixing Course you will learn everything you need to know about colour ... plus you will learn a whole lot more that will all help you with your use of colour including:

  • Understand the correct use of Primary and Secondary Colours (And how to mix Secondarys)
  • When and How to use Complimentary Colours
  • Get Clear on Colour Saturation & How To Use Saturation To Your Advantage
  • Using Warm Colours & Cool Colours to your advantage so your paintings come alive
  • Finally Understand Values & How They Apply To Colour
  • How To Set Up & Manage both a Simple & An Advanced Palette
  • The Correct Procedure For MIXING COLOUR
  • Avoiding MUDDY Colours & What To Do If Your Colour Gets Muddy
  • How To Easily Mix Any Colour You Need In Your Painting
  • Understand The 3 Building Blocks Of Colour - Hue, Saturation & Value

Just imagine for a moment how much easier it will be, and how much more fun you will have painting, when you approach your next canvas armed with this new found knowledge.

By the time you have gone through this course, completed the modules and done the exercises you will know more about COLOUR and how​ to MASTER it than the vast majority of amateur artists out there. The truth is most amateur artists never stop and study COLOUR in enough detail to really make their paintings come alive.

And that's why they stay amateur.

The truth is that acquiring this knowledge today is very difficult in one place. The days of studying in a studio under a master teacher to learn this are long gone.

I've personally invested thousands of dollars into my own art education to acquire this knowledge but sadly I never found it all in one course or book on the subject.

Yet COLOUR is the one thing that all of my students tell me they struggle with the most!

And when you think about it ... trying to be a good artist without understanding COLOUR is a bit like trying to become a carpenter without knowing what a hammer and nail is. Crazy right?

So that's the reason I put this course together for you.

So you can finally start to master COLOUR.​

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Oh and when you join you are covered by my 100% guarantee. If after going through the six week course and doing the exercises you do not feel your knowledge and skills around COLOUR have improved let me know and I will give you a full refund.

I want this to be the only course you will ever need to take on COLOUR.

It's going to be comprehensive and detailed however for those of us who are serious about improving our artistic ability it will certainly help you do that.

I'm looking forward to you joining me in the Colour Mixing Course.​

Rod Moore
Moore Art School

Rod is the creator of the Moore Method of Painting and star of the TV shows 'Plein Air Painting TV' and 'Yes You Can Paint'. He has taught tens of thousands of students around the world how to paint using his simple approach anyone can follow.

Colour Mixing Course

PS ... Remember you will have lifetime access to the course. You do not need to complete it in the 6 weeks if you do not wish to ... take as long as you like and with what fits your schedule.

Colour Mixing Course