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If you are ready to learn how to paint, develop your skills and finally realise your dream of becoming an artist then you will want to join our DVD of Month Club.

Here is why …

Learning to paint is easy when you paint consistently following an easy step-by-step approach to painting. That is exactly what you will receive each month when you join the DVD of Month Club … regular monthly painting exercises to improve your skills, and a complete project for you to follow along with.

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Hi … I am Rod Moore and I am the founder of Moore Art School.

It wasn’t that long ago that I had no idea on how to paint. In fact … here is my first painting from just a few years ago. Its obvious that I had no idea what I was doing right?

In just a few short years though I went from having no idea how to paint to becoming a reasonably good artist doing paintings that I loved and was proud of. In fact … I improved so much that I ended up with my own TV show’s ‘Plein Air Painting TV’ which has been broadcast internationally and “Yes You Can Paint TV” broadcast around Australia to rave reviews.

So how did I progress so fast? More importantly how can you improve your painting as well?

Well I will let you in on a secret … I fast tracked my painting skills by doing one thing …

Studying Good Artists Watching Hours & Hours Of DVD’s

Over the last few years I have purchased hundreds of DVD’s of good artists and studied them … watching each DVD several times and then applying what I learnt.

It is amazing how fast you can learn when you have the DVD right there to watch again and again. The best part is you can focus on the key parts you most want to learn at the time.

This is how I developed my skills as an artist each month.

The only problem was … buying these DVD’s was expensive with many of them costing $40, $50 or more dollars to buy. That’s why I decide to start the DVD of Month Club so you could get access to regluar step-by-step training on how to be an artist at a fraction of the cost of regular art instruction DVD’s.

What Is The DVD of Month Club?

As the name suggests the DVD of Month Club is a members only club where each month we will send you out a new DVD.

Each month your DVD will be packed full of:

  • New Painting Tips & Tricks
  • Skill Building Exercises
  • A Complete Painting Project – Taught to you step-by-step
  • Variations On The Project For You To Try At Home

Each month just follow along with the DVD, do the simple exercises and projects and watch how much your painting improves. Plus as a member you will have access to the members only log in area where you will receive additional painting projects for you to try at home.

The best part is we have made it more affordable than any other DVD’s on the market.

Build Your Collection Of Learn To Paint DVD’s That You
Can Refer Back To Again & Again

Every month you will learn the “Moore Method of Painting” which has been proven to be highly successful at helping people who have never painted before (and are convinced they can’t even draw stickmen) and being to paint great paintings you are proud of.

What Is The Moore Method of Painting?

The Moore Method of Painting is a simple easy to learn and easy to follow approach to wet-on-wet painting. Inspired by TV artists Bob Ross and Bill Alexander, I took there approach to painting and simplified it even more. The key is in breaking the painting process down into a few simple steps.

With the Moore Method of Painting you only need to worry about three things:

  1. Drawing In the Big Shapes
  2. Blocking in the underpainting
  3. Highlights, Details & Finishing Touches

The simplicity of the Moore Method of Painting means that total beginners can follow along the step-by-step instructions given on the monthly DVD’s and be painting their first great painting in no time at all … you can too!

How Can The DVD of Month Club Help You?

If you are just starting out on your journey in art, or maybe you have been painting for some time but not yet happy with your results, then becoming a member of the DVD of Month Club could be the best thing you do this year.

Let me explain why …


Most of the students who come along to our Art Classes are absolute beginners who don’t believe they can paint great paintings like this.

However … when they are taken step-by-step through the process of doing a great painting using the Moore Method of Painting they amaze themselves and their family and friends.

The great news is you can do it too … you can learn to paint and finally start to paint the type of paintings you have always dreamed of. You don’t need to be born with artistic talent … you just need the desire to want to learn and to follow along each month when you join the DVD of Month Club.

You should join the DVD of Month Club if:

  • You can not make it along to one of our Art Classes
  • You are attending our Art Classes but wish to continue learning between classes
  • You want to follow a proven method of learning to paint like the Moore Method of Painting
  • You want regular ideas, tips and tricks to improve your painting
  • You want new painting projects each month

Watch Example From One of DVD’s Above

The key to you becoming a great painter is simply this … consistent practice. You need to paint regularly if you want to improve. As a member of the DVD of Month Club you will be shown what to practice and how to practice your painting skills each month. You will definitely improve as a result of joining us as a member.

What Do You Get When You Join The Club?

Each month you will receive a professionally produced DVD in the post to add to your collection:


And inside you will find a copy of the painting that you can use as a reference:


As a member of the DVD of Month Club you will enjoy many privileges including:

  • A full DVD painting project sent to you each month in the post
  • Access to members only area
  • Additional video tips, tricks and techniques in members area
  • Additional skill building exercises in the members area
  • Additional bonus projects in members area
  • Downloadable notes for the DVD painting projects along with suggested variations
  • Members painting critiques and reviews
  • Members only painting competitions
  • Plus lots more to help you become the best painter you can be

Watch Example From One of DVD’s Above

My mission and the reason I founded Moore Art School is that I want to inspire as many people as possible to experience the joy and magic of painting. By joining us in the DVD of Month Club you will be joining my inner circle of painters who I am sharing everything I know about painting with. It is the most cost effective way to learn directly from me and to grow yourself as an artist.

Get The First Month Free When You Join Right Now

Right now you can get the first month free … just pay for the postage and handling. This is so you can test out the DVD of Month Club for a whole month and if you are happy with it you will then be build the low fee of just $27 per month plus postage and handling. You can of course cancel at any time if you wish to stop your membership.

PLUS You Will Also Receive Three BONUS DVD’s As A Thank You Gift

If you decide to join us today in the DVD of Month Club then I have three bonus DVD’s (online version) from our most popular art classes as a thank you gift for you. These three bonus DVD’s are Sunrise River Reflections, Uluru Dreaming and Tuscany Villa. They are great beginner projects to help you get started painting

So join right now and you will have instant access to these three bonus projects in the members only area, and you will start receiving your monthly DVD projects in the post.

Ready to get started?

If you are that is terrific and I look forward to welcoming you to the DVD of Month Club.

You have two options to join us … a monthly option or an annual membership option.

Option 1 is the Monthly Membership which lets you get the first months DVD free (just pay for postage) so you can try it out for 30 days:

OPTION 1 – Monthly Membership (First Month Free)

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 Membership is just $27 per month plus p/h and you can cancel anytime.
Get the first month free just pay for the postage of $4.90


Option 2 is an Annual Membership which has a saving of $85.80 each year:


OPTION 2 – Annual Membership (Save $85.80)

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 Annual Membership is just $297 including postage saving you $85.80
Automatically renews every 12 months unless cancelled.


Choose your option above. Remember you can cancel your membership at any time however please be advised we do not provide refunds for the DVD of Month Club.

NOTE – If you require assistance creating your membership then you can go here:

Click Here For Video Help Desk or Click Here For Support Desk

I look forward to you joining us as a new member of the DVD of Month Club.

Once you get registered your member account will be created so you can log into the members only area.

See you on the inside.Rod Moore Artist

Happy Painting!



Rod Moore
Moore Art School

PS … Once you join us I will share with you how you can effectively get your monthly membership free simply by sharing the DVD of Month Club with a few friends who join.