More Student Success Learning To Paint

More student success using the Moore Method of Painting today.

Rod Moore Landscape - first attempt with acrylics

Well done to Susan … here is what she had to say:

Hi Rod,

Find attached my first attempt at an acrylic painting.

I found the method really easy to follow and quite rewarding being able to complete the whole thing in just a couple of days.

I had not used acrylics before and only have a very little experience in painting using watercolours. So I did find the acrylics difficult to get used to. The paint seems dry and difficult to apply but after following your advice and with a little practice I have found that it is forgiving and it is possible to cover errors without too much difficulty.

I am excited to try a few more landscapes using this style and develop a bit of confidence with this medium. Hoping to progress quickly and then start to do my own creations but we will see.

Thank you for simplifying the process so well and sharing this method with those of us who want to try their hand at this form of art.

Regards,Susan Schrader
Susan Schrader

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