My First Painting

I was looking through some old files on my computer and came across this.

It was the first painting I ever did (as an adult anyway) from around late 2006.

I had been getting interested in painting … I guess I was looking for a creative outlet and perhaps a bit bored at work etc. So I went to the $2 shop and purchased some paints, brushes, and canvases. To be honest I had no idea what I was doing and probably purchased paints because I liked the name.

Armed with enthusiasm I went home and that weekend proceeded to paint this and a few others.

It didn't take long for me to conclude that I had no artists ability so I did what any normal sane adult would do … I packed the paints, brushes and canvases away in the cupboard and gave up.

Then around about July 2007 I walked into a Tate Britain Gallery in London and fell in love with Turners watercolours.

I knew in that moment that art was to play a large part in my future … but I still felt that I had no real talent for it.

Luckily for me I came across Bob Ross & Bill Alexander on You Tube. They were teaching a particular approach to painting which gave me hope that I could learn the steps to creating a great painting. This approach is what we now teach in our Moore Art School Art Classes with some modifications. I was excited by this approach I went and became the first and only Australian to be certified as an instructor with Alexander Art.

What I have since learnt is that when you are taught the basic fundamentals, and a step-by-step approach … practically anyone can become a good artist.

The key is to study with the right teacher that has such a learning system.

In the past I went to art classes and workshops but did not learn much. Mostly because the classes were not structured and there was no learning system at all. So I did not really progress much. When I created Moore Art School I wanted to make sure we developed a learning system that meant when you come to one of our classes you will walk away having learnt key steps to progress you forward as an artist … and you will complete a painting you will be proud of.

Learning to paint is a journey that will take you a lifetime … the key is to not assume at any point that you have no talent to be an artist and give up.

Instead you want to think that you can learn the fundamentals and follow the step-by-step process we will teach you and with a bit of practice make great improvements in your painting.

Today I am happy with were my painting is and I know I will improve greatly in future.

You can as well … when you make the decision to come and join us.

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  1. Heather Glover
    Heather Glover says:

    Thankyou to all at Moore Art School.
    This type of communication allows us to be less hard on ourselves as beginners and gives us hope and enthusiasm.
    I have learned a great deal from the television series and if I lived closer would attend some classes.
    Thank you again anyway.
    Heather Glover

    • Rod Moore
      Rod Moore says:

      Thanks for your reply Heather. I think lots of people talk themselves out of wanting to paint … so hopefully showing my first painting will give people hope. The key is learning the basics.

      We have lots of people like you who are just out of reach of our classes. We are working on an affordable option of a DVD of Month club, and also a home study program. So stay tuned for details in coming weeks.

      Happy Painting

  2. Carmen Lardo
    Carmen Lardo says:

    Hello Rod,
    I am looking forward to meeting you at Moorabbin on 17th March.  Hopefully I will learn some painting skills on the day that will kick me off on an exciting venture.
    Can you please send me details of venue and times in Moorabbin and that DVD which was mentioned when I registered?
    Many thanks,
    Carmen Lardo


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