DVD Painting Projects

Here are our latest painting projects for you to try at home:

Tuscany Landscape

In this exciting DVD project you will learn how to paint great Tuscany Landscapes. The focus is on how to create depth, atmosphere and a sense of realism in your paintings. We cover a lot of key landscape painting principles in this painting which is suitable for both beginners and intermediate painters. You can complete this project in either oils or acrylics.

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Richard Chamerski – Plein Air To Studio

Richard Chamerski is a professional artist with more than 30 years experience. Working in the Macedon Ranges in Victoria Richard takes us first out on location where he paints a plein air sketch of the Camels Hump. Using his pochade box Richard demonstrates how he quickly gathers the information he needs to go back to the studio to complete the painting. Later in the studio Richard walks us through his equipment and the process he goes through to complete the painting. Painting in a style reminiscent of the Heidelberg School of Impressionists Richard completes a terrific painting of the Camels Hump working from Plein Air to Studio.

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Richard Chamerski 1

Cape Otway Lighthouse

The Cape Otway Lightstation is a historic location on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria and played a key role to the development of Victoria in the mid 1800’s during the Gold boom. Anyone who has been down the Great Ocean Road has probably stopped in to the lighthouse for a visit. In a recent episode of ‘Yes You Can Paint’ TV show we dropped into the lighthouse and this painting is the result. It is a great painting for beginners and can be complete in both oils or acrylics. This painting has been taught at a number of our art classes and our students really loved completing it.

If you are looking for an easy to complete painting that has good impact when finished then give this one a go.

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Point Lonsdale Front Beach

Point Lonsdale Front Beach is a great little beach popular with family’s over the summer break. It sits right at the entrance to the bay and from here you can see across to the Sorrento side with ease. In the distance is the famous Point Lonsdale Lighthouse. In this painting the focus is on the activity of people and families playing on the beach, and the waves crashing in to shore. It was from an episode of the “Yes You Can Paint” TV show and is perfect for both beginners and intermediate painters. The demonstration is using oils however you can just as easily do it in acrylics.

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Sunrise River Reflections

One of our most popular art class projects ever … Sunrise River Reflections is a great painting because it has the warmth of the rising sun along with the reflections in the water. These are simple easy effects to paint when you know the technique behind them. In this DVD I demonstrate doing this painting using the Wet On Wet Painting technique made popular by Bob Ross and Bill Alexander … however you could just as easily do this painting using the updated Moore Method of painting. An ideal painting for both beginners and intermediate artists and can be painted in both oils and acrylics.

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Uluru Dreaming

Uluru (more popularly named as Ayres Rock) is a place of great mystery and a spiritual home for the original inhabitants of the land. This painting which is not intended to be a direct representation of Uluru, has always been popular in our art classes and is a great one to have a go at. The DVD is painted in oils using the wet on wet method however it can just as easily be painted using the Moore Method and just as easily be painted in acrylics as it is in oils. Great project for both beginners and intermediate alike.

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Tuscany Villa

Another very popular painting project in our art classes this painting of a Tuscany Villa is simple and easy to do but produces great results with the finished product. People love doing this painting because it teaches you about creating depth and atmosphere into your painting and the proper perspective as well. Have a go at this one if you are a beginner or intermediate artist. You can complete this in either oils or acrylics and the end result is a terrific little painting ideal for framing.

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