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Wondering What To Paint Next?

Never Be Stuck For Something To Paint Again
When You Get Access To This Extensive Library
Of More Than 3,100 Photos Designed For You The Artist


Have you ever been stuck wondering just what on earth you are going to paint next?

I know I have … that’s why I decided about five years ago that I would start taking lots of pictures every where I went.

My wife and I love to travel and over the last five years we have had the good fortune to travel all over the world a number of times. So I took photos like crazy :) and put together my own personal library of photos of subjects that are just perfect to paint.

For the first time I am making this extensive library of photos available to the public.

Here is a sample of just some of the photos:

In this extensive collection you will find photos including:

* Australian Landscapes
* Australian Beach Scenes
* Paris
* London
* Hong Kong
* Wales
* York
* North Yorkshire

Plus … my personal favorite is Monet’s Home & Garden in Giverny France.

And lots more. There are pictures of landscapes, beaches, boats & yatchs, figures, animals, trees, skies, old buildings, markets, city scenes … you get the idea.

Basically you will never run out of painting ideas again.

So how can you use this photo library in your painting? Well there are lots of ways … here are just a few ideas …

* Pick out certain elements to paint as practice
* Combine photos to create your own composition
* Paint a complete photo
* Learn how to frame your own photos

Essentially with this collection you will have enough reference material to keep you painting for years.

And yes … these are copyright free so you can paint one of the photos and sell it as you wish.

You are probably wondering how much it is going to cost you to access the library of photos. Well it has cost me thousands of dollars to travel all over the world collecting the photos. But I wanted to make it as affordable as possible to you …

Access To The Library Is Just $67

Access to the photo library is online via a membership log in. Once you complete payment above you will be emailed access details explaining how to log in.

It is our plan to keep adding more photos to the library over time.

Enjoy browsing through the library and happy painting.