Selling Art Online VLOG #1

Selling Art Online VLOG #1

Selling Art Online VLOG #1 – Becoming An ArtPreneur To Sell More Art Online

This is the first in a series of VLOGS on how to sell your art online. For artists there has never been a better time than right now to take control of your own art career and build a business around your art. There are so many tools available to us to make selling your art online a viable way to earn an income from your art.

In this first episode of Selling Art Online VLOG I introduce the idea of becoming an Art Entrepreneur or what I term an ArtPreneur. This is the idea of the artist becoming an entrepreneur and starting to build a business based on their art with multiple streams of income.

Selling Art Online is not easy and most artists will fail at it however there are many who are successfully creating a full time income from their art using the online tools available to sell their art.

If you like this first VLOG and are serious about getting more of your art sold using online tools then you should subscribe to this channel for more updates.

Also visit our site for access to a video walk through of the online model you need to be able to more effectively sell your art online.

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