Acrylic Painting Tutorials YouTube

Acrylic Painting Tutorials YouTube

This acrylic painting tutorial on YouTube is a preview from a recent Learn To Paint Club painting project.

In this project I show you how to paint this great landscape scene in acrylics following a step by step process. The full length version of the video is available to members of the Learn To Paint Club:

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Our YouTube channel is full of Acrylic Painting Tutorials all designed for beginners – Acrylic Painting Tutorials YouTube

E11 - Sunset Outback

Learn to Paint – Episode 11 Preview

Learn to Paint – Episode 11 Preview

Learn to Paint – Episode 11 Preview “Outback Sunset”

This is a preview of a recent project for our Learn To Paint Club members. It is a simple easy to paint project designed for beginners which anyone can do. The project is done in acrylics but easily adapted to oils. Have a go at this one and I am sure you will be happy with the result.

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Right now there is a limited opportunity to join the Learn To Paint Club for a $1 trial. You will get access to the full version of the project above plus lots of other great painting projects.

Margaret Paintings

Learn to Paint For Beginners

Margaret Paintings Margaret
Even more student success this time from Margaret in New Zealand. I love receiving emails like these below from Margaret. It’s just further validation that the Moore Method of Painting works. Well done Margaret … here is what she said in her first email:
“Hi Rod
OMG, I can’t believe I’ve created this painting. Thank you so much. Learning to paint has been on my Bucket List for many years and now, thanks to you, I’ve been able to at least make a start. I’m now in my early seventies (can’t believe that either), we live in NZ and 12 years ago we toured Australia for 2 years with a caravan and then toured NZ for several years so I have many amazing photos I’d love to be able to paint.
Your course is so good. I can’t draw. But I’ve been able to get this far in my first effort. But I have to say, I’ve painted over this painting several times so now the painting is quite heavy!!
I started a second one as I was not happy with the first one but went back to the first one and am reasonably happy with it but may do touch-ups tomorrow. I hope the second one may be better.
My biggest problem was the highlighting of the bushes. I think the photo looks better than the original and I’m still not happy with it.
I painted it on an A4 sheet of Bockingford water colour pad.
When I started the second painting it was interesting that, while listening and watching your tutorial, I heard so much more than I’d heard the first time. I’m looking forward to watching your video on colours – but have been too busy painting …..
Also looking forward to all the email tutorials I have from you.
While touring Australia I’ve got to admit I had a 3 hour lesson in Alice Springs where I did a 6″ x 4″ water colour so the current painting is actually my second one!
Thank you once again”
Then a second email from Margaret …
“Hi Rod
I feel I know you now after listening to your lessons. You are a very good teacher as in my wildest dreams I didn’t think I’d be able to produce these paintings. I can’t wait to go through the other lessons.
I was a bit nervous about starting the second one fearing I wouldn’t be able to paint one as good. And for a while I was worried until it was just about finished. It would be so easy to toss it out when half way through.
I feel I’ve learnt a lot by painting the same scene again and it would be interesting to do it again but I’ll try another one next.
I’m looking forward to finding the right frame for them.
You asked for a photo so will send it in another email.
I’ve bought your colour lessons which I’m really looking forward to.
Thanks again
Margaret Cullen
ps just thought – I think I’ll put my name on the paintings – I’m actually very proud of them – thanks to you”

More Student Success with the Moore Method of Painting

IMG_1235 IMG_1237

Terrific work Sylvie … she only started painting a few months ago and has done a terrific painting. Here is what she had to say:

Thanks Rod
I loved your 3 step method, it was easy to follow and easy to understand, even for a 46 year old woman who has only been painting for a few months. I’m very pleased with how my painting turned out, but I’m sure the next time I do it it will be even better. I will be doing another of your lessons, I think it’s called Reflections on the lake. Can’t wait to get started.
Thank you again
Sylvie Philion

More Student Success Learning To Paint

More student success using the Moore Method of Painting today.

Rod Moore Landscape - first attempt with acrylics

Well done to Susan … here is what she had to say:

Hi Rod,

Find attached my first attempt at an acrylic painting.

I found the method really easy to follow and quite rewarding being able to complete the whole thing in just a couple of days.

I had not used acrylics before and only have a very little experience in painting using watercolours. So I did find the acrylics difficult to get used to. The paint seems dry and difficult to apply but after following your advice and with a little practice I have found that it is forgiving and it is possible to cover errors without too much difficulty.

I am excited to try a few more landscapes using this style and develop a bit of confidence with this medium. Hoping to progress quickly and then start to do my own creations but we will see.

Thank you for simplifying the process so well and sharing this method with those of us who want to try their hand at this form of art.

Regards,Susan Schrader
Susan Schrader

Learn To Paint Club – Now Open

LTPC Banner Home

Learn To Paint Club – Now Open

A quick note to let you now that the Learn To Paint Club is now open.

The Learn To Paint Club is going to be the place to learn how to paint.

Check it out here –

Get the details here –

To celebrate the launch of the Learn To Paint Club we are giving 100 people the chance to join for just $1.

See the details at the links above.

I look forward to you joining us.

New – Learn To Paint Club – Sneak Preview Of Episode 3

Learn To Paint Club – Sneak Preview Of Episode 3

 I have been busy over the last few days filming episodes for the soon to be launched Learn To Paint Club.

This is a sneak preview of the third episode which is the ‘Morning Walk Sorrento’ , a great little painting project for oils or acrylic.

Have a look and let me know what you think.

The Learn To Paint Club will feature full length episodes of projects like this one with a variety of subjects, as well as both oils and acrylic projects.


Michael’s Painting Success

I love getting emails like this and seeing students finish paintings they are happy with. It’s just further proof that the Moore Method of Painting works. Michael has just completed our FREE five day learn to paint course.

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Read what Michael had to say below. Well done Michael and I’m looking forward to seeing more of your paintings in the future.

Michael is also now in our monthly draw to win one of our painting courses.

Hi Rod

Thank you for your tutorial, I found it to be very easy to follow and your tips on creating distance in the painting were excellent. I liked your relaxed style and felt at ease following your step by step approach to painting. I am not a beginner but for the last two years I have been trying to learn the art of water colours. I think I have reached a reasonable level but I am never going to be very good.

So I thought I would have a go at this. I had not got any acrylic equipment but I do have some oils, so I followed your instructions using oils and they appeared to work very much the same. The experience has boosted my confidence and I am very keen to try another subject, perhaps a little more complex.

You will notice on my painting that I altered the building, but that was not because I did not like yours but it was just to put my own mark on the picture and not copy yours exactly.

Thanks again and I look forward to the next tutorial.

Michael H