Feedback From Students

Here is the feedback from recent students on both our Art Classes and Online Courses:

Leanne Meikle

“I walked into the class without any idea how to hold a brush let alone how to put a painting on the canvas, and I walked out with a completed seascape which I actually can’t believe I was capable of doing. I did all the painting, all the colour mixing and all the perspective all by myself under the direction of Rod.  My family are amazed at the quality of my first ever painting and had I not had proof that I really did do the painting myself, they would never have believed it was mine. I must say my expectations of what I could achieve  were very low at the start of the class, yet by the end of the day I was one very proud person happily showing my painting to anyone and everyone. I am looking forward to attending another class.”

Leanne MeikleGeelong

I’ve participated in several of Rod’s one day art workshops and I’ve had a great time.  Rod is very patient and provides detailed instruction allowing plenty of time for students to work at their pace.  The workshops are a very friendly place to be and it’s even better that we have our own work of art to take home at the end of the day.  Rod’s is well informed and a professional teacher and his DVD’s and Youtube videos are an excellent source of tutorial as well.  I still have a lot to learn and Rod is my ‘go to teacher’ and I look forward to attending more classes in the future.

Chris Kemp

Enrolling for 3 classes in the Moore Art School was the best decision I ever made.  It has taken me 40 years to return to doing something I loved at High School and would dearly have loved to take on further if my school had been able to provide the opportunity.  But now thanks to Rod and his monthly classes I have rediscovered the joy of painting and being creative.  His classes are always fun and extremely informative, and the fact that all materials are supplied is just an added bonus.  His guarantee that as a beginner you will take home a competed painting that you can be proud of has always been lived up to in every class I have attended.  I can’t wait for Rod to extend his classes to the intermediate level.  Thanks for creating the Moore Method of Painting Rod, it really works!

Sandy McNicolGeelong

I have enjoyed my class at Rod Moore Art school.  I have been dabbling in painting abstract for quite a while and love colour.
I have thoroughly enjoyed the class at Rod Moore art school as Rod takes you step by step and gives his students the confidence to tackle a landscape in oils,  which is something I have never tackled before.   It was fun and everyone in the class took home a beautiful landscape painting. I have enrolled in the last two classes for the year, and I am inspired to play at home, fine tuning my new skills.

Thank you Rod

Eileen Curd

The best way to learn to paint.  Small classes with a step-by-step approach toward completing a painting in a few hours

Brad WirthHoppers Crossing

I would strongly recommend Moore Art School to learn to paint as they provide great feedback on your finished painting with suggestions on how to improve it and get the most from your painting.  They have some excellent on-line courses and videos on how to paint.   Also the new TV Show ‘Yes You can Paint’ is very helpful.

Madelaine Woods

Never painted before and then I attended 2 classes, both oils and acrylics. Rod is very informative with his teachings, he explains techniques and processes step by step and is easily followed.
Its amazing to walk out of the class with a painting I never thought I could have painted let alone picked up a paint brush. I would recommend these classes to anyone wanting to learn to paint


Completed Painting Landscapes Level 1 and found it to be a great step by step instruction method on learning to paint. The beauty of this course is that it allows you work at your own pace.

Kerry Cardwell

I enjoy Rod’s approach to teaching me to paint. The small classes are perfect for beginners as more time is spent on each step. If you are struggling on a part of a painting Rod will give you individual help.

William Dye

I only had minimal painting experience before attending one of Rod’s classes, and now I am much more comfortable and confident painting. Rod’s patience and calm manner makes him an excellent teacher who can teach anyone to paint. I’ve attended numerous classes now and continue to enjoy them as I did the first. The classes keep me motivated to keep painting.

Mark SalomonMcKinnon

I have done a one day workshop with Rod, after completing the online course to paint people. In the meantime I discovered Moore Art School teaching course and after doing the one day course and completing an Italian Villa (after believing I could NOT do landscapes) I was convinced that if I can do this then anyone can. I am now completing the Teaching course with Rod, my dream is one step closer to display and sell my art and teach others to do what I love to do.

Kim Hine

I have been to two of Rod’s classes and have booked another two. He is very friendly and patient, which are really important art teacher attributes. I felt comfortable in class, and my painting confidence and motivation has really grown! Thank you Rod!

Tamara Vekich

Hi to everyone out there taking a peek at Rod Moore Artschool website. You are probably interested in painting tutorials and if you’re anything like me never having painted in oils before, this is the best place to start to learn. I only started mid last year with online courses using oils, I’ve been doing my own paintings since, and I seem to be getting better the more I practice. Even if you’ve never picked up a brush before, once you’ve started on your journey you won’t want to stop. As I live in NSW I could only participate in the various online courses available and the best thing for me was to get Rod’s constructive feedback on my efforts. So, what are you waiting for? Just hop on board and see where your journey will take you, if nothing else, it’s always a great way to unwind.

Monika Scheffler

Thank you so much Rod!  Before I came to your class I thought there was no way I could paint anything that resembled a beach scene.   People love playing pictionary with me, because everyone is laughing so hard trying to work out what I have drawn!!!  So the step-by-step system that you shared with us made it easy for even a terrible drawer like myself.   Along with your amazing guidance and skill I walked out with something I am very proud of and a desire to continue to learn and express my creativity.

Your gentle and supportive nature made me feel at ease and like I could really do it.  Watching you paint in front of us was very inspiring and made it easy to model off you.  What I also loved was even though we were all painting the same thing, we all created very unique paintings.

Ok last thing I really enjoyed was how painting is such a metaphor for life.  I got HEAPS out of just putting myself in your class, things like being too close to the painting – as in life sometimes we are too close and need to step back and get a better perspective or view.

Thank you so much again for providing this amazing class – the best thing was it was great fun!  So important.  Thanks!

Jo HarrisonGisborne

The Seascape painting class was so much fun and Rod’s step by step instruction was very clear and demystified the painting process so everyone in class could take home a lovely painting.

Michelle EndersbyBonbeach

I have never painted but after a day under  Rod Moore’s guidance in the wet on wet technique I produced a painting that I was proud of. More importantly it has dared me to dream – yes I believe I can paint.  I see clouds, waves, the sea and sky like never before – I am forever changed, thanks Rod.

Allan Oliver

Rod’s method of teaching and guidance is living proof that anyone can paint and with practice, he will bring out the hidden artist in everyone.  It is up to us to take that step in believing in ourselves that we can do it with his method.

Sharon Wong