Brand New – Tuscany Landscape DVD

Get The New DVD And Learn How To Paint The
Tuscany Landscape 
In Oil or Acrylic Paints! 

Watch The Video Below …


And Here Is The Finished Painting You Will Learn To Paint …


Ideal For Beginner & Intermediate Artists!

At a recent two day workshop I taught my students to paint this terrific painting of the Tuscany Landscape.

Following the 3 step Moore Method of painting we broke what looks like a complex painting down into easy to follow steps. And have a look at the great results they all achieved with their paintings. More importantly … take a look at all the smiling faces 🙂

I am really proud of all my students and love to see them do such a fantastic job with their paintings.

But there was one problem with the workshop … I realise that not everyone was able to attend as you probably don’t live nearby the studio were we held the class.

So for that reason I have decided to release the DVD of the painting:

The DVD includes a copy of the original painting for you to use to follow along with:

At approximately 75 minutes in length the DVD covers key landscape painting concepts including:

* Understanding VALUES and how to use them in Landscape painting
* How to create depth and atmosphere in your landscape paintings
* Warm Colours vs Cool Colours – when and how to use them
*  The KEY to mixing GREENS and why many mix their greens wrong
* Breaking the painting down into simple steps – Drawing, Blocking In & Detailing
* Giving objects form and shape with 3 values
* Controlling the movement of the eye through the painting
* Focusing on Center of Interest in painting using Hard vs Soft edges
* Plus lots more …

Over the course of 75 minutes I show you how to paint this great little painting and break it down into easy to follow steps. Just follow along and you will wind up with a great painting like the students from our workshop.

And it’s a great painting to get framed and hang on your wall with pride to:

Your friends and family probably won’t believe you did it when you get your painting framed and hung on the wall 🙂

Keep in mind that this painting project is ideal for both beginners and intermediate artists alike … so even if you are just starting out you will want to give this painting a go. And it doesn’t matter if you paint in oils or acrylics because the method I teach this painting is suitable for both mediums.

For A Limited Time Only – Save $20 Of Cost Of DVD

If you decide to get a copy of the DVD now then you will pay just $27 + p/h worldwide for the DVD.

The price will be going up shortly on this DVD so order your copy right now here:

Save $20 … Just $27 + P / H

Plus … if you say YES right now then you will also receive the following BONUSES:

BONUS 1 – Access to Instant Download Of DVD

We will give you a secret link where you can go and download the DVD online in MP4 format. That way you can watch it on your computer while you wait for the DVD to arrive in the post.

BONUS 2 – Landscape Painting Principles Video

You will also receive a special video presentation in which I go through the key principles of landscape painting and how you can use them to achieve more realistic paintings. All painting is an illusion and I show you how to create the illusion on your canvas.

BONUS 3 – Landscape Painting Principles PDF

Plus you will also receive in PDF format the slides from my presentation on the landscape principles.

So if you love the idea of having a little piece of Italy hanging on your wall and you want to learn how you can paint this great little Tuscany scene then order your copy of the DVD above.

I look forward to seeing your finished version of the painting.


Rod Moore
Moore Art School

PS … When you have finished your version of the painting send me a photo of it and I will give you some feedback on what you have done well and a few ideas for improvements for the future.

PSS … The DVD is manufactured by our USA manufacturer. Delivery times from them may vary depending on where you are in the world. Please allow 2 – 3 weeks to receive the DVD in the post.